CBI ‘not out to privatise NHS’ shock


Those nice, caring (cough) people at the CBI have published a report calling for the privatisation of bits of the NHS.

Oh, sorry, that’s wrong. Don’t say that. The official line is:

“Outdated” GP services should be overhauled to extend opening hours and be more flexible, business leaders say.

The Confederation of British Industry says businesses lose 38m working hours and £1bn a year because employees have to visit their GP during working hours.

It’s not the money, though. It’s the health of working people that concerns the CBI!

But doctors suggested the CBI hoped to benefit from any privatisation of the health service – a charge it denies.

No, surely not. The CBI campaigning for its members to be able to buyout the NHS? Never.

It comes as the government launches the latest stage of its NHS review, hinting it had sympathy with the CBI position.


John Cridland, deputy director general of the CBI, who said the report was not about wanting NHS privatisation, said there was a lack of innovation in primary care.

There, you see innovation – that’s what concerns the CBI. They’re keen for things to be innovative and flexible.

It’s not about their members profit margins, it’s about serving the people! (That’s why Comrade Digby joined the Brown administration.)

Dr Laurence Buckman, the cynical chairman of the British Medical Association’s GP’s Committee asked the following cynical question:

“Is it possible that the CBI is hoping that its members will be able to take part in future privatisation of the health service?”

Gee, how could anyone think that the CBI want to help big business steal our health service?

Shame on them.

Don’t they know that the CBI is a philanthropic organisation that campaigns to help working people and is not at all concerned with the desire of big business to profit from our public services?

Responding to the CBI report, Health Secretary Alan Johnson said: “We need to tackle this issue…. we need a health service for the 21st century.”

He said the NHS review would focus partly on access to GP care.

Sir Ara Darzi, who is in charge of the review, will also be holding a specific conference in the next few weeks on the future of primary care.

This will look at improving patient access, such as locating GPs in gyms and supermarkets, with companies including Virgin, Boots, Bupa and Lloyds Pharmacy due to attend. [Emphasis added.]

It’s no good, I can’t keep up the sarcasm any more…

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