Thatcher and Sons

Was this designed to disrupt the launch of the Tories’ environmental proposals or a genuine love-in between the Iron Lady and the former Iron Chancellor?

Naturally, the despised current PM denies that there was anything untoward about his meeting with the despised former PM. This might be “dog-whistle” politics, but what’s the message to Labour’s supporters and its donors in the trades unions?

The GMB’s general secretary Paul Kenny expressed his disbelief at the news:

“Mrs Thatcher was put out of Downing Street by the Tories themselves. It is unbelievable that she should be invited back by a Labour prime minister.”

Kenny has been making noises about the status of the GMB’s funding of the Labour Party, and this will not have helped the Labourite union leaders’ efforts to maintain affiliation. Might the Tory tea party be the tipping point?

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