Scottish Labour’s McDonnell moment?


McConnell’s out, so here’s Scotland’s McDonnell-style nearly-contest for Party leadership:

Scottish Labour left debates leadership vote
Thu 16 Aug 2007
Author: Morning Star
LEFT-WING Scottish Labour supporters will meet this weekend to consider challenging Brownite Wendy Alexander for the party leadership.

The Campaign for Socialism announced the emergency meeting on Thursday after potential candidates Andy Kerr and Margaret Curran ruled themselves out of the contest.

Ms Alexander, who is sister of International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander, announced her candidacy on Wednesday, following the resignation on Tuesday of former first minister Jack McConnell.

“We can use our time in opposition to reform and reorganise the party in Scotland and find new ideas to reconnect with the people of Scotland,” she declared.

Any leadership candidate would require nomination by six MSPs for inclusion on the ballot paper. The Campaign for Socialism has five members in the Holyrood Parliament.

Campaign for Socialism secretary Gordon Mackay was confident, saying: “We are putting up a candidate to win. We need to have a debate, but there’s no point going into an election believing you are going to lose.

“We are absolutely confident that they will be going on the ballot paper and we will see a change in direction in Scottish politics.”

Communist Party of Britain Scottish secretary Susan Galloway warned: “Wendy Alexander is very close to Gordon Brown.

“She would ensure that the Scottish Labour Party carries on much as it did under Jack McConnell.”

CPB Scottish committee member John Foster added: “We would welcome a challenge from a principled left-wing position, which would allow policy issues to be debated.

“Only if that is done will the arguments against privatisation and for the public sector, for the non-renewal of Trident and for withdrawal from Iraq be taken into the Labour movement.”

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