Dannatt does it again?


Having previously expressed his conservatism and belief that British armed forces should depart Iraq, Afghanistan being a place where they could “get it right”, General Sir Richard Dannat’s view that there are no spare troops has been revealed by the Torygraph.

The Tories have jumped on this leaked memo and are calling for a review of the Army’s commitments. Though they are not likely to join the dots between the lack of civil defence at home – extensive flooding in Wales and central England – and the British army’s sole purpose as a repressive force at home, if necessary, but for the most part abroad. The Liberals are calling on troops to be pulled out of Iraq – so far, so good – the better that the imperialists can focus on subduing the resistance in Afghanistan. Oh dear.

The Prime Minister has made noises of concern about the thousands of people affected by the severe flooding – he’s been here before, of course. This extreme weather was predicted and much more could have been done to prevent the damage and disruption. Lessons will be learned, we are told…

Thankfully, the BBC has pressed Brown on the issue of the armed forces being unable to adequately assist in civil defence. Though no one is calling for the Brits to pull out of the Middle East, I wonder what impact the deployment of one thousand Scottish service personnel will have – will the SNP get huffy about this?

What would be the right thing for Brown to do? Call off the absurd “Global War on Terror” and declare a “War on the Weather” instead. There’s no chance that this will happen of course, because Brown realises that British imperialism is best suited by the armed forces acting as a repressive force in the Middle East rather than as a humanitarian force in the UK…


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