A convenient untruth?


Two cars packed with explosives have been discovered in London on Brown’s second day as Prime Minister. Another attempted terror plot foiled? Timed to hit the new administration at Westminster? Revenge for the Rushdie honour?

Unlikely, I think, to have been a plot by Islamic extremists, who are apt to give their lives and so would be inclined to drive the vehicles into the nightclub, rather than park them outside and detonate them by remote control. No, ask yourself this: what do the securocrats do with all the money they are given? What do the CIA operatives active in the UK get up to?

The timing of the “car bombs” is significant. Brown was set to unveil constitutional reform of the British government, just as the Union is coming under threat from the devolved government of Scotland and Wales, and the desire for devolution for England, the most populous nation in the Union is growing. Brown had appointed ministers for Scotland and Wales, but for England, ministers for the regions – and he forgot the South East!

Instead of dreary constitutional arrangements of the British state, Brown woke up to a crisis he must have faced with relish. He will be able to brush aside suggestions of withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, ignore the severe flooding, and dust off the most draconian terror legislation…

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3 Responses to “A convenient untruth?”

  1. Miles Says:

    My thoughts pretty exactly!
    Not sure the events in Glasgow change my mind.
    Britain produces even worse suicide bombers than it does tennis players!
    I’ve blogged it too if anyone is interested.

  2. Miles Says:

    Not sure if link above is working.
    Click on my name if anyone is interested in my blog on this.

  3. charliemarks Says:

    Right, now I’d better come clean on this. My initial doubts have lessened, but there’s been suggestion that the car bombs might not have been successful. Fortunately, this didn’t get to be tested in reality. All the hype had led me to believe that terrorists were actually good at working evil. Thankfully not.

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